Our Approach

Our model of measurement defines youth well-being as a multi-dimensional construct comprising of psychological, cognitive, social, physical, economic, emotional well-being, and strengths integrated within the environmental systems of family, school and community. The model was derived from the systematic review of the literature on youth well-being, and encompasses indicators, protective and risk factors of well-being.

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Standard survey & reporting

Students complete the online standard survey comprising self-rated responses. Schools receive a comprehensive report of their summarised year-level cohort responses which can be used to better understand student well-being in six domains and to guide future well-being initiatives.

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Tailored survey & reporting

Survey items can be tailored to meet specific school needs. Schools, youth or local council groups receive a comprehensive report, with specified groups (eg, gender, house or sporting groups), which can be used to identify key areas that require additional support, training and development.